“An image resonates. In my mind I can inhabit the shape, wanting to reduce the structure until it is almost transparent, etching it away until all that is left is a ghost. The fascination with texture contradicts this and needs to be included. The textures of ancient things, of nature, man-made objects and so much more. These influences create a tension to be resolved.”

Studio Notes & News

Upcoming Exhibitions 2023

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10 Parishes Festival The Horses of Halse – an exhibition celebrating equine beauty. Three artists show their work – photography, paintings and sculpture at The New Inn Cafe, Halse TA4 3AF. September 10th... READ MORE

Bronze Casting Process


Bronze is created from an alloy of copper (88%) and tin (12%) melted together an allowed to cool. Historically other metals were also added to the mix but today these are the generally... READ MORE

Sculpture Workshops

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Everyone welcome Suitable for all ages No previous experience needed Create a complete sculpture in a day Tea and coffee provided This is an opportunity to create a finished sculpture using wire, acrylic... READ MORE

Spanish Horses

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The Andalusian Horse has always been an inspiration. This image is from a sculpture created in 2015 after visiting the horses while travelling in Spain for the winter. READ MORE